What Our Clients Say About Us

Although the process was a lengthy one, due to my spouse being difficult, the outcome was finally resolved and I have been able to move on with my life. Ms. Claypool fought for what was rightfully mine and I am grateful for the results. — Nick

Engaged this attorney to represent me in my divorce case. Throughout the process she has provided clear, concise direction, and has been straightforward and honest in describing expected results versus expectations. I selected her based on positive feedback that was provided in reviews by other clients, as well as her experience in the field. I am highly satisfied with the results so far. — Anonymous

Linda Claypool is a knowledgeable, attentive, understanding tiger. When you need legal services, Linda is the one to consult. I hired her once, then 10 years later, I needed her, and she masterfully handled my case with finesse, sans fear. Thank you Linda and Stephanie, for a great job done!! I always highly recommend your firm to everyone I know! — Julie

Linda was very professional and realistic. She explained the procedures and process during our conversations. Her knowledge and experience helped in my case. I would highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for a lawyer that is fair and knowledgeable. — Homero

She is calm, smart and skilled. I called around looking for an attorney in my child custody and visitation case. Her paralegal is so respectful and was a voice of peace when I was freaking out. — Shannon

Linda and her staff have been great with my case, child custody was the most important thing to me and she was able to get me a 70-30 split in my favor. Any time I have questions, she is fast to respond. Although my case is still on-going, I am confident she will get me the best outcome in regards to my assets. I would highly recommend her. — Cynthia

My divorce dragged on because my ex-husband didn't cooperate with the system. Linda was able to help me close this chapter and secure my child custody. She was always very honest and helpful. She was always there through the court hearings and always available when I had questions. I appreciate all the work she has done for me over the last 8 years. I have recommended her to close friends who have also been happy with her work. — Anonymous

Divorce is very emotional and stressful. Linda was recommended by a stranger who overheard my conversation with a friend regarding filing for divorce. I have not regretted doing so and have recommended her since to a few of my colleagues. Her pricing is reasonable and her expertise is very good. She is very honest and will help you obtain the best outcome for you and your children. I continue recommending her to many. — Ella

Linda has been my lawyer twice fighting a child custody battle. She is very knowledgeable and honest. I highly recommend her as your attorney, she is affordable, easy to get a hold of and respected by the judges. — Monica

Linda handled my 5-year (yes 5 years!!!) divorce. It was a difficult divorce to say the least and she did a most magnificent job. Her patience, her honesty, her knowledge was the best. Anytime I needed her she was there to answer my questions and her staff is top-rate!!! — Brian

Linda has been my child custody lawyer since 2006. She is extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She has always kept me informed and sent paperwork in a timely manner. If I had a question or concern she and her assistant Stephanie were always willing to help. I would definitely recommend Linda as a lawyer. — Anonymous

Linda was a great help with my recently concluded divorce. She made all the technical language, as is always the case with divorce, easy to understand from a layman's point of view. The entire process took a bit longer than usual but I was overall satisfied with her professionalism and kindness. Keep up with all your respectable qualities! — Said

After 27 years of marriage, I needed a divorce attorney that could guide me through the process and advise me. I found Linda and her staff to not only be extremely professional but to give me insight on how the process would unfold. She is so experienced with dealing with all legal aspects that arose and especially understood how the opposing counsel would act. I would recommend Linda to anyone whose is looking for a fair and utmost professional. Thank you Linda, I sincerely appreciated all that you have done. — Joe

Linda was very helpful and got me more than I thought I was going to get. I went from having horrible visitations (supervised) to having pretty much 50-50 joint custody. Very helpful and would recommend her to anyone who needs help. — Woodrow

Linda is my family law attorney. I love her. I have referred her to several people. She helped me out with a difficult ex and she was quick at getting it done for me and my two children. I would continue to recommend her and still do! If you need a GREAT attorney, she is your gal!! Her assistant Stephanie is the sweetest! They really bust their butts to help you out! Call Linda now!! — Laurie

Linda and Stephanie helped me through a difficult time in my life. She helped me get 50/50 custody and was honest and upfront about what to expect every step of the way. She prepared me for mediation and court and even allowed me to make payment arrangements. I would use her again and recommend her to anyone in Riverside County. She is familiar with the judges and court staff. Very helpful and I'm very pleased with my outcome. — Raquel

Linda and her staff assisted me with my divorce. Linda and Stephanie are very informative and trustworthy. After a few years passed, I hired Linda again to handle another issue. They are reliable, up to date on the laws and procedures and I felt comfortable and confident with them handling my cases. Pricing is in the range of most firms even a little lower. When I paid the estimate, she gave me a refund of the unused funds. That made me really happy, of course. I found this to be ethical and showed me what I knew all along — her honesty and integrity. Thanks Linda and Stephanie! — Julie

I called Linda a few months back with some hesitation of hiring another attorney for my visitation/custody case. From day one, she assured me that she would do what is in the best interest of my daughter and has always exceeded my expectations. She is responsive in a timely manner, trustworthy and honest, and she has always been cautious of the fees and respects that I am on a tight, single mom budget. Stephanie at her office is always a pleasure to speak with and always makes herself available to help when she can. — Amy

Linda completed my divorce in 2010, which went very smooth. I'm purchasing a home at this moment and found out my support needed to be adjusted to help me qualify with the loan underwriters. I contacted her last Friday (on her day off) and she contacted me within minutes. I told her my predicament and then provided her the required documents. On Monday she and her staff had the documents ready to sign and submit to the judge. Today is Wednesday and they are signed by the judge. She has saved my home purchase and my sanity! Thank you Linda. — Mark

I really couldn't afford a lawyer, but a friend told me about Linda. She had used her in the past and was really happy with her. She gave me so much information during the first appointment. I waited a bit before hiring her, but finally decided to borrow the money and go for it. She kicked butt for me! It was really fun watching the expression on my ex's face. Her staff was super helpful. She didn't charge me to talk to her paralegal. I got so much more in support than I had planned on that it more than made up for the retainer fee. She was also really good at keeping the cost down and understood how tight things were for me. — Anonymous

I am thankful that Linda was my attorney. She was great explaining things and tried to keep the costs down (my ex-wife didn't help with that matter). But Linda was fair in her costs — after all I understand her time and knowledge is what we pay her for (she was worth every dime). In court she was very professional and was able to clearly explain to the judge our requests, and the judge seemed to appreciate her as well as respect her. The other attorneys in the courtroom also seem to know and respect her. If you plan to get a divorce then I recommend you talk to Linda first and get the straight scoop on what you will and won't be able to get and do. — Anonymous

During a time in my life when I was overly emotional and frightened of the unknown, she was able to help me stay focused on what was really important. I walked out of my initial visit with her with an understanding of the situation that I had not had before and a calm feeling that everything was going to be fair. She is direct and honest. I was impressed by her written statement of fees and the way that she accounted for every minute of her time, and every penny of the fee for my case. She was either available or prompt with returning a call. I really appreciate her. — Anonymous

Linda and her staff were great — she was honest and I was very impressed with her in court and how she handled herself. I didn't get everything I wanted but after discussing it with her I realized I was asking for more than what was legally right. — John

Linda and her staff have been great with my case, child custody was most important to me and she was able to get me a 70-30 split in my favor. She's very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her. — Cynthia

Linda is one of the best family law lawyers in the Inland Empire. She handled my divorce with class, dignity and 100 percent professionalism. When I had questions about my case she was always ready and prepared to answer them. Her staff was incredible and her knowledge of family law is the best. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a family law lawyer. — Brian

Linda has been my child custody lawyer since 2006. She is extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She always kept me informed and sent paperwork in a timely manner. If I had a question or concern she or her assistant Stephanie were always willing to help. I would definitely recommend Linda as a lawyer. — Rita

Linda has been my divorce/custody lawyer since 2009. She was able to give me the peace that I needed. She has always been very honest and helpful. Her knowledge and experience with law, family and children are of great strength to my case. I highly recommend Linda Claypool. — Gaby

My experience with Linda as my attorney during my custody battle has been pleasant and a huge relief! Her knowledge and experience with law, family and children are of great strength to my case. I highly recommend Linda Claypool as an Attorney to anyone involved in family law. — Monica

Linda is very professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a family attorney. She is insightful and experienced in these matters. Linda is fair and explains clearly what needs to happen. — Joe

Very helpful and knowledgeable. — Angel

Linda was recommended by an acquaintance as a no-nonsense lawyer. He said that his ex-wife hired Linda, but that he learned more about divorce law from her than he did from his own counsel. I began the divorce process as a fearful client. Linda's front office paralegal Stephanie was so helpful, and she described Linda exactly as I would now that I've been through the legal journey of ensuring a safety net for my future. The legal process between Stephanie and Linda is professional, efficient and admirable to an outsider. Linda is matter-of-fact in her approach to the law, and knowing that set my mind at ease about fairness and possible financial outcome. She is a skilled listener and on more than one occasion during our conversations she gleaned information that hadn't occurred to me up until that point. Her manners were impeccable at every stage of the process with me and during two court hearings. I am proud to know a woman like her. I would have preferred to take care of my divorce on my own because I'm frugal with money, but within the initial consultation time frame I soon realized how inadequate I would have been. Hiring Linda was the best financial investment that I've ever made with regards to my future welfare. — Deborah

She took so much time with me and made sure I understood what was happening with my case. Her fees were less than anyone else I talked to. She also didn't charge me for when I talked to her paralegal which saved me a ton of money. I've referred three friends to her already. I highly recommend. — Lydia

Linda J. Claypool is my attorney for my children custody she knows what she is doing I recommend her. — Judith

Very professional she is great always looking out for the clients best interest, even when my emotions got the best of me, she was always honest and let me decide in which direction I needed to go. Very experienced and great in court. I would and I have recommended her to close friends. — Gaby