Need Help With A Restraining Order Issue In Riverside, California?

Whether you need to protect yourself or your family with a restraining order, or your ex-partner or ex-spouse is wrongfully trying to use a restraining order to keep you from seeing your children, you want an experienced, compassionate and professional attorney to protect your interests.


Professional ◊ Accessible ◊ Supportive: Our Representation of Victims

If your situation involves domestic violence, the Court may issue restraining orders to protect you. Law Offices of Linda J. Claypool has significant experience handling restraining orders. If your safety, or that of your children, is threatened, contact us so that we can discuss your situation with you. We can help you to figure out what your options are. This may include having the abuser removed from the home, restraints preventing that individual from harming, annoying or even contacting you. We will complete all of the necessary paperwork, file it with the court and appear at all hearings with you.

Do know that as part of the restraining order process, the Court can also make orders as necessary regarding child support, spousal support, child custody and visitation, the use of property (such as home or vehicle), and regarding payment of certain debts at the same time.

There is no court filing fee for a petition for a restraining order.
Do not delay in getting the protection you need because of financial concerns.


Our Representation of Alleged Perpetrators

We also represent individuals who are being accused of domestic violence. We will review the Request for restraining orders with you, prepare the necessary response and file it with the court, as well as represent you at the court hearing or trial. If your rights are being threatened, which may include removal from your home, restraints from seeing your spouse or significant other, or even keeping you away from your children, we can help you.

You Should Also Know

You also need to know that as part of the restraining order process, the Court can also make orders regarding child and spousal support, child custody and visitation, use of property (such as home or vehicle) and payments on debts. So it is critical to know what is involved in your situation as many things may be at risk.

Also, if your existing restraining order is about to expire, we can help you to contest any request to renew that restraining order.

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