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Our Divorce Practice

We work closely with men and women throughout the divorce process, from the preparation and filing of a divorce Petition (or Response, if you have already been served) and the gathering of needed information, all the way through to trial or settlement. Our law firm also handles post-judgment motions to modify existing orders.

As part of the divorce action, we also handle the other issues which the Court will address:

  • Child custody and visitation: We will help you fight for what is best for your children and yourself. We will guide you through the court process to protect your rights. We can help you to develop and put in place agreements regarding the custody of minor children, as well as the terms governing visitation with noncustodial parents.
  • Child support: We can give you an estimate of how much you can expect to pay or receive in child support in accordance with California child support guidelines and what factors the court is going to consider in ordering support.
  • Spousal support: We will help you determine whether an award of spousal support is appropriate and, if so, how much should be paid and for how long. Even if you don't know the financial situation of the other party, we can conduct discovery and seek that information on your behalf.
  • Property division: We will help you arrive at a fair and equitable division of marital assets and debts under California's community property law, including real estate, investments and bank accounts, and business property.
  • Restraining Orders: Please do not hesitate to contact us if you believe a restraining order may be necessary to ensure your protection.


An annulment is the legal equivalent of declaring a marriage to be null and void. An annulment will in effect treat your marriage as if it never existed. There are specific grounds that must be met in order to obtain an annulment. We will be happy to review your situation and see if an annulment may be a viable option for you.

Our Legal Separation Practice

If you do not want to file a divorce petition, but have decided that you no longer want to live with your spouse, we can file a Petition for Legal Separation. Proceedings for legal separation also address the issues of custody/visitation, child and spousal support, division of community assets and debts, just like divorce. We can help you to determine what is best for you — dissolution of your marriage or legal separation.

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At the Law Offices of Linda J. Claypool, we offer friendly, approachable and professional representation to husbands and wives involved in family law matters, including divorce, legal separation and annulments. We understand that emotions have a significant impact on family law disputes, and we strive to provide a high level of personal attention to all of our clients, making certain we promptly return your calls and keep you informed of all developments in your case.

If you are seeking a divorce, legal separation or an annulment call us at 951-787-8700 for a free initial consultation.

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