The Emotional Stages Of Divorce

For many people, a divorce can stir up feelings that are similar to the stages of grief one experiences after a loved one passes away. This isn't surprising, as the end of a marriage often times marks the end of an important time in your life. It is important to keep in mind that experiencing a wide range of emotions during the divorce process is entirely natural. However, it is important to recognize these emotions for what they are, and to try and keep them in check, particularly if you and your spouse have children together. Having an attorney to handle the legal aspects of the break up of the marriage allows you to focus on not only your own emotional health, but also that of your children.

Common Divorce-Related Emotions

The type and severity of emotions that people feel at the end of marriage can depend on a number of factors. If both parties are in general agreement that the marriage has run its course and are able to resolve things through an uncontested divorce, it is usually easier for both parties to move forward with their lives. On the other hand, if one party is blindsided by a legal filing, or if the parties are unable to reach an amicable agreement on the major issues, the emotional fallout can be more severe.

In is common for people in both uncontested and contested divorce proceedings to feel a mixture of:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

Regardless of the particulars of your case, it is important to think about yourself and make your well-being a priority. Many people find it helpful to talk with a therapist during this process. A trained therapist can help you recognize the root causes of your emotions and provide you with the tools you need to help get a positive start to this new chapter in your life. Another key to relieving some of your stress is to have an experienced divorce lawyer in your corner to help shoulder your legal burden.

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