Property Settlements

As part of the divorce process, you will need to address the division of the assets and debts that were acquired during the marriage. California is a community property state, which essentially means that these items are divided equally. There are a few exceptions, which the attorney can discuss with you during the initial consultation. For more information on property rights, please see additional information on our property rights page.

Oftentimes there are multiple ways to divide the marital property and it is important to determine your best option. Having a highly skilled and experienced divorce lawyer truly can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful property settlement negotiations.

At the Law Offices of Linda J. Claypool, we are committed to providing the best possible representation for all of our divorce settlement clients. Linda J. Claypool is an experienced attorney who is extremely knowledgeable in California law and can provide you with the advice you need during your settlement discussions. Our office firmly believes that making an informed decision and participating in the outcome of your case is better than just leaving it to the judge to decide. With this said, we also understand that a client may have preferences that the other party refuses to agree with and court involvement is necessary. We are extremely skilled in contested proceedings should it be the better approach for you. The pros and cons on how best to proceed with your particular matter will be something that you discuss with our attorney and work jointly with to make that decision.

Obtaining a Fair Property Settlement

Regardless of whether your property division matter is simple or complex, the resulting property settlement agreement should be a fair one. Attorney Linda J. Claypool will work tirelessly to negotiate a fair and reasonable property settlement on your behalf. This includes consulting with appraisers, accountants and tax experts who can help determine the true value of the property.

Property that is often discussed during negotiations includes:

  • Personal property such as cars and furniture
  • Real Estate, including the family home
  • Retirement benefits, 401(k) plans
  • Businesses
  • Debts, credit cards and other liabilities

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