Business Valuation In Divorce

In theory, property division is a straightforward process. Any assets and debts acquired over the course of a marriage are subject to division. However, things become more complicated when assets that do not have a concrete monetary value, such as a business, are to be divided. Determining a proper value for a place of business is essential to achieving a fair property settlement.

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Business Values Often Go Beyond Financial Records

When making a business value determination, one has to go beyond what may be found on an accounting spreadsheet. The value of a business's assets, goodwill and name recognition, the potential for growth and other factors must all be taken into account in order to develop a true picture of a company's worth.

In addition, a proper and fair asset division plan may depend on what either party hopes to accomplish. Are you both desiring sole ownership of the business? If not, then one party may need to buy out the other party's share. In other cases, divorcing couples may want nothing to do with the business whatsoever, and may wish to sell it off or close up shop. All of these factors need to be considered as part of your property division proceedings.

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