Compassionate Counsel For Divorce Filings And Legal Separations

Filing for divorce can be one of the most challenging legal matters that a person can face. These filings can come after a long series of conflict or they can be a surprise to a spouse. No matter the circumstances of your divorce, contacting a skilled family law attorney from the beginning of your case can save you time, money and stress.

At the Law Offices of Linda J. Claypool, our lawyer guides clients through all aspects of their divorce filings and works to get them the best possible outcome. Attorney Linda J. Claypool has represented family law clients in California for over 15 years and she has resolved many contested and uncontested divorce filings. Our Riverside law firm works to get the best possible outcome for clients who want a divorce as well as those on the receiving side of divorce papers.

The Many Aspects Of Filing For Divorce

A divorce is more than the end of a relationship and can bring up issues related to child custody, property division and other legal matters. Our attorney will give you comprehensive legal assistance for every aspect of your divorce. We pursue the results that our clients want, including taking the opposition to the courtroom if it serves our clients' best interests.

A few of the common disputes that can accompany a divorce include:

  • A child custody disagreement over parenting time and/or physical custody
  • The division of marital property such as cars and other valuable assets
  • A restraining order to protect the safety of a divorcing spouse or child
  • The amount or length of spousal or child support payments

If you do not want to file for divorce but no longer want to live with your spouse, we can file a petition for legal separation. A legal separation addresses the same issues as a divorce except it does not terminate the marriage itself. We can help you decide if a divorce or a legal separation is the right choice.

Understanding Marriage Annulment

An annulment makes it as though a marriage never existed. There are specific requirements that a marriage must meet to qualify for an annulment. Our attorney can go over the circumstances of your marriage and help you choose the best legal approach for your unique situation.

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