Understanding How California Calculates Child Support Payments

Figuring out child support amounts and calculating expected payments can be challenging. You may wonder how child support is determined in California and what you can expect from your case. At the Law Offices of Linda J. Claypool, our lawyer helps people understand their child support obligations and fights to get them fair orders.

The Factors Used In Calculating Basic Child Support

In California, the family court bases child support on state guidelines using a guideline calculator to determine the payment amount. The primary factors that the court uses to decide support payments are the gross income of each parent and the time each parent spends with the child. While the court generally does not deviate from the guidelines, extraordinary circumstances can cause a judge to order a higher or lower payment amount.

The family court considers many factors when determining child support payments, including:

  • The number of dependents who live with a parent
  • Child support payments made by a parent for other children
  • A child's special medical care needs
  • Required union dues and mandatory retirement contributions

While child support hearings can decide the terms of a child support order, parents can create an agreement outside of the court. Our family law attorney assists parents who want to work together to create an agreement that meets the state's guidelines as well as their unique needs. Even if you work out your own support agreement, the family court must give final approval for it to become an order.

Get Answers To Your Child Support Law Questions

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