Child Support And College Expenses

Under California law, court-ordered child support payments will end when a child turns 18, or 19 if the child is still in high school. The court does not have the authority to order a parent to pay for college expenses unless the parents have agreed to do so, and it has been made into a court order. If this is something that the other parent agrees to, then it is important that it be included in your orders so that it is enforceable.

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Reaching An Agreement For The Payment Of College Costs

Some parents choose to include an agreement to pay college expenses as part of an overall divorce settlement. It is important to be thorough when negotiating these terms so that no one experiences unpleasant surprises in the future.

Some things that should be considered as part of such an agreement include whether a parent is willing to pay only for public, in-state school tuition, or is willing to cover some of the costs of private schooling and/or attendance at a school outside of California. It is also important to determine what expenses will be covered. Is it for tuition only, or will the cost of textbooks, and room and board be a part of the agreement? Our lawyer can help you consider all of these decisions while helping you negotiate your divorce decree.

Is An Agreement To Cover College Expenses Set In Stone?

These types of agreements are not necessarily permanent. You can help account for contingencies, such as stopping payments if a child drops out of school or if your child's GPA drops below a certain number.

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