Responsive And Professional Representation For Child Support Issues

Understanding child support payments can be a challenge for separating and divorcing parents. The child support process can involve calculating payment amounts, modifying court orders, establishing parentage and working with government agencies. At the Law Offices of Linda J. Claypool, we explain the law in straightforward terms and give clients comprehensive legal help.

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What Exactly Is A California Child Support Agreement?

Child support is money paid by one parent, usually the noncustodial parent, to the other parent to pay for a child's basic necessities, medical care and other expenses. The family court uses many factors to calculate child support payments, including the income of both parents and the child's unique needs.

Child support agreements can include provisions for many uses, including for a child's:

  • Food and clothing
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Uncovered medical or dental expenses, including reimbursements
  • Child care costs
  • Entertaining and extracurricular activity fees
  • Transportation and travel costs
  • College expenses

If you are not receiving your child's full support payment, our attorney can represent your interests. Our staff can help you establish the parentage of your child and assist you in working with the California Department of Child Support Services.

Support Modifications For Those Paying And Receiving

If you are unable to afford your child support obligation because of your economic situation, a court order modification may be possible. You should contact us to start this process as soon as possible. You are required to pay back any missed payment until the amount is changed by a court order, so it is important to not delay.

If you are a parent who is receiving child support and have lost your job or had your income decrease, you may be able to get a higher support payment. Our attorney can help you show your need for an increased payment and make sure that your child receives fair support.

We Can Give You A Personalized Case Assessment

Parents need legal advocates who can manage the stress of their child support disputes. Our attorney understands both sides of a child support case and can give you an idea of what you can expect in a free consultation. Call us now at 951-787-8700 or email us to schedule your no-obligation first meeting.