Legal Help With Child Custody Enforcement

Once the court has approved a child custody and parenting time agreement, that agreement is binding and must be followed. Failure to follow a custody and visitation order can result in serious consequences. If your ex is not following the terms of your agreement, it is important to seek legal counsel to discuss your child custody enforcement options.

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Contempt Of Court Charges Are A Real Possibility

When a parent violates a custody order, he or she may be held in contempt of court. Heavy fines and even the possibility of serving time in jail are very real threats if a person is held in contempt.

In an effort to shield children from the acrimonious disputes that can lead to a contempt charge, we will do everything we can to avoid these harsh consequences and try to find an alternative means of resolving the problem. For example, a change in a parent's circumstances may require a modification to the custody order.

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